耶鲁海坛金座幼儿园——春天行、快乐游 亲子春游活动
栏目:耶鲁海坛金座幼儿园 发布时间:2019-04-01


It's a sunny day. It's a good time to go outing.

Some one said that a strong youth makes a strong country.

The concept of patriotism should be established in early childhood

On March 28th, the children of Yale Haitan Jinzuo Kindergarten, came to the Fuqing Longxiang National Defense Education Base with their parents and teachers.


When we entered the base, we saw the olive-green buildings were surrounded by warplanes, missiles, and rockets. The children wore new camouflage clothes and walked with dignity. 



Under the leadership of the instructors, parents and children visited the Naval Ship Pavilion, the Aerospace Exhibition Hall, and the National Defense Education Pavilion. They were exposed to various realistic military models and gained insights.



In the picnic camp, we gather firewood, make fire, and make dumplings together. The obtained after working are especially delicious. Parents and children play games together, experience the fun of the development project together, cultivate children's sense of teamwork, let children learn more extracurricular knowledge, and establish a good parent-child relationship!





Everyone has a dream of military uniform. We hope this national defense trip can also plant an upward seed in the hearts of children.