耶鲁南台幼儿园——春游踏春记、植树我先行 春游活动
栏目:耶鲁南台幼儿园 发布时间:2019-04-01


March in the spring,the grass grows and files.There is a vibrant scene everywhere.In order to broaden children’s vision,feel the beauty of spring and inspire children to love nature. We organized a spring outing for children.


The children got on the bus in a happy mood. They sang and laughed. They took a deep breath when they got there.


The coach organized children to warm up,parents were also actively involved. They were so lovely.



After that, the coach explained the meaning and method of planting in detail.The children picked up the tools and planted with parents.




Children took the tools to gather tea, they liked hardworking bees and professional farmer.



After a busy morning, they made dumpling with their parents and enjoyed it together.



Teacher recorded every happy moment with pictures. Our spring outing ended with children laughing. Let’s look forward to next time together.