栏目:耶鲁新苏格兰幼儿园 发布时间:2019-03-11


The early spring breeze brings the most beautiful season.  In order to let the children know how to be grateful and learn to cherish, On the occasion of international women's day on March 8, our kindergarten tried different celebrations to let the children express their sincere love for their mothers and grandmothers in many ways, and send them the most special holiday wishes.



The sound of cheers and laughters in the classroom attracted me to each class to feel the parent-child atmosphere. Everyone was doing the rice roll in many kinds of shapes and then tasting the delicious rice balls.



Look! Our babies feed their mothers or grandmothers rice balls and fruits. Through intimate contact, let the children feel family love and learn to express the feelings of love.



The teachers explained the origin of the "International Women’s Day " on March 8th, so that to help parents and children understand the meaning and source of Women’s Day. After that, our children sang songs and performed dances for their mothers and grandmothers to express their love and gratitude.


Babies made gifts for their mothers and grandmothers through their own hands and expressed their blessings to their mothers and grandmothers when they sent the presents.



In the end of the activity, the babies sent flowers to our social laborers and thanked them for their contributions to us on their way home. In this event, young children not only understand the origin of International Women’s Day but also learn to be grateful.